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It seemed like a natural progression. Within his small community of Filipino immigrants, young kids organized a form of hierarchy “as a means of survival, of feeding folks,” he says. Gangs, he explains, are a subculture of “a greater culture,” which is the American culture. “Whenever there’s a conflict, what does America do? They resolve it with violence." Considering that the greater culture’s foundation is the exploitation of forced labor, young gang members created their own version of that. “It doesn’t matter if you gotta sell crack to your


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At one point in the hearing, Atio’s mother Carmina recalled waiting up for him each night: “Naghihintay ako na mag-goo-goodnyt siya, pero wala na [I wait for him to say goodnight, but that’s all gone now].” Horacio II, his father, added, “every night we go to his room, it is vacant.” Besides Dean Divina, among the names the Castillos added to their supplemental complaint were members of the Aegis Juris Foundation board of trustees: William Merginie, Cezar Tirol, Oscar Ce, Alexander Flores, Alvi Dysangco, Emmanuel Velasco, Henry Pablo, Gabriel