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Jackie Chan's new action-packed comedy 'Skiptrace' to release in India on September 2 READ MORE ON » Skiptrace | Renny Harlin | New Delhi | new | Jackie Chan | India | in In the film belonging to the same genre, "Skiptrace" sees Chan playing a Hong Kong detective along with his partner in crime Johnnie Knoxville. NEW DELHI: Hollywood action veteran Renny Harlin 's new action-packed comedy " Skiptrace ", starring Jackie Chan , will hit screens in India on September 2. The release date was announced via a statement from PVR Pictures, which is distributing the movie in the country. The film stars Chan, who is set to prove, yet again, why he is still considered as the king of action comedy. In the film belonging to the same genre, "Skiptrace" sees Chan playing a Hong Kong detective along with his partner in crime Johnnie Knoxville. The duo is forced to team up after Chan's niece, played by Fan Bingbing, runs into trouble with a notorious criminal mastermind. Want stories like this in your inbox? Sign up for the weekly ET Panache newsletter . You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

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